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Ginebra San Miguel Unveils “Lamang ang May Tapang” Campaign

At 190 years, Ginebra San Miguel Inc. has become a part of the Filipino tradition—a companion, a champion of values, and a catalyst for positive change. In a world of fleeting trends, Ginebra San Miguel remains a constant reflection of Filipino ideals and aspirations and a promise to always stand by the people’s side, one toast, one bottle, and one “tagay” at a time.

In its latest campaign, Ginebra San Miguel inspires Filipinos to capitalize on individual talents and determination, propelling themselves to heights beyond the constraints of the past. It calls for a new kind of courage, prompting Filipinos to ask themselves, “How can I rise above my current circumstances and become the best version of myself?” By continuously honing our skills, we not only overcome personal challenges but also contribute to the nation’s collective progress.

Just before the new year, Ginebra San Miguel unveiled “Lamang ang May Tapang” through popular digital platforms Facebook and Youtube. The campaign focuses on the courage to rise above circumstances and strive for a better future. Despite the nation’s progress in overcoming challenges, Filipinos still face various difficulties and economic challenges.

“On paper, you may be the underdog, the odds may be against you, but it’s what’s inside that determines the true advantage, and that’s what Lamang ang May Tapang is all about,” says Ginebra San Miguel Inc. Marketing Manager Ron Molina. “Filipinos have developed bagong tapang and that unwavering trust on self, others and the country. We have weathered the storm and found brighter smiles. Now, with Lamang ang May Tapang, we will always rise above challenges, not just to survive but to thrive.”


Inspiring Stories

The newly launched advertisement features inspiring stories of Filipinos who dare to emerge from adversities and create a better future for themselves and their families.

One story features the narrative of a fisherman who taught himself how to fish to provide for his family after his father got sick. Their everyday challenge of protecting their fishing territory from bigger commercial fishing vessels helps sustain the livelihood of their fellow fishermen and their families. Another story highlights a loving mother who took on multiple jobs as a delivery service provider, regardless of the risks and dangers, to fund her son’s education.

By capitalizing on their talents, skills, and strong determination, they provided more for their family, aspiring for a brighter tomorrow beyond making ends meet.


Scottie Thompson: From Palarong Pambansa to PBA Champion

Another inspiring story includes Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings player Scottie Thompson, whose basketball journey proves that hard work pays off. Scottie, once a youngster dreaming of playing for the PBA, faced initial challenges but, through perseverance, earned his place in Coach Tim Cone’s rotation. In fact, during his rookie year at the University of Perpetual Help College, Scottie did not have much playing time, which fueled his drive to work harder and be better at his craft. This hard work and dedication paved the way for him to be one of the most sought-after basketball cagers in the country today.

Thompson has won seven PBA championships, two Finals MVPs, two Best Player of the Conference awards, and one Season MVP award for the Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings, a testament to his never-say-die spirit. His latest feat, being an integral part of the Men’s Philippine Basketball team that won gold and ending a 61-year drought during the recent Asian Games, is a testament to how far Scottie has come. This success was even magnified by the fact the National team’s road to the gold medal went through the heavily favored Chinese National basketball team on their home soil. 


Nik Makino: From Aspiring Rapper to Viral Sensation

Filipino rapper Nik Makino is also featured in the campaign. He quit his day job as part of the crew of a popular store in the United States to pursue his aspiration of being a rapper in the Philippines in 2020. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit, resulting in him losing numerous gigs and opportunities. However, this situation paved the way for him to write the now-popular hit song “Moon,” which now has more than 72 million streams. Furthermore, Nik is also known for his hard work in the Philippine music scene, becoming a viral sensation with hit songs “Lexi” and “Neneng B,” which garnered 95 million streams as of today.

Their journeys, marked by sweat and determination, serve as an anthem for every Filipino daring to dream big, proving that strength lies not in privilege but in the indomitable will and courage to rise above.

Ginebra San Miguel continues to set the standard for resonant advertising campaigns, consistently drawing inspiration from the Filipinos’ sentiments. Recently, at the 45th Catholic Mass Media Awards, “Iba ang Ngiti Ngayon” won the Best Branded TV AD. Other award-winning campaigns of GSMI include “Tapang na Tunay,” “Bagong Tapang,” and “Hanggang sa Huling Patak ng Bagong Tapang.”

GSMI is the producer of Ginebra San Miguel, the world’s largest-selling gin, according to the leading global drinks journal Drinks International. GSMI’s other quality distilled spirits include GSM Blue Light Gin, GSM Blue Mojito, GSM Blue Margarita, GSM Blue Gin Pomelo, Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, 1834 Premium Distilled Gin, Antonov Vodka, Añejo Gold Rum, G & T Ultralight Spirit Drink (Gin & Tea), Primera Light Brandy, and the Philippines’ no. 1 Chinese Wine Vino Kulafu.


As soon as you hear the sound of glasses clinking to a toast, you know you’re in the right place. Whether you’re out with your closest friends or sharing a table with strangers on a casual Friday night, every moment is a celebration with Ginebra. Our barangay is a community where hearts unite and bonds grow stronger. We stand as one nation under Ginebra, where the spirit of togetherness thrives and every tagay is a testament to the everlasting Filipino spirit.