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Mixes – Copy

Mixes Try new and exciting ways to enjoy your favorite Ginebra San Miguel products! Mixes Try new and exciting ways to enjoy your favorite Ginebra San Miguel products! Choose your drink: GSM Blue GSM Premium Gin 1834 Premium Distilled Gin Antonov Vodka Ginebra San Miguel Vino Kulafu Primera Light Brandy Anejo Gold Rum GSM Blue […]

Mixes Blue – Yoghurt Gin Fizz – Copy

Yoghurt Gin Fizz Are you searching for a unique and flavorful cocktail to share with your friends? Look no further than the Yogurt Gin Fizz! This delicious twist on the classic Gin Fizz is a millennial’s dream, combining rich, creamy yogurt milk drink with GSM Blue Light Gin’s smooth and sophisticated taste. With its perfectly […]

Mixes Blue – Velocity Mix – Copy

Velocity Mix Are you ready to rev up your taste buds with a fun and electrifying cocktail? Look no further than Gin Velocity! This well-known drink is a favorite among millennials nationwide, made better thanks to the GSM Blue Light Gin! What you need GSM Blue Light Gin Blue Sports Drink Lemon Lime Soda Lollipops […]

Mixes Blue – Blue Surf – Copy

Blue Surf Are you in the mood for a tropical and refreshing cocktail that’s as beautiful as delicious? Look no further than this stunning creation! This cocktail’s tropical flavors and gorgeous presentation will transport you to a sandy beach and a warm summer day. So mix one up today with GSM Blue Light Gin and […]


Promos Promos Featured promo Ngiting Suki Raffle Promo Ngiting Suki Raffle Promo Feel the excitement and get a chance to win prizes when you join the “Ngiting Suki Instore Raffle Promo” — Ginebra San Miguel’s second consumer promo of 2023, and it’s bigger and better than ever! A special treat for our loyal consumers and […]

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< Back to Careers APPLY TO JOB × Instructions Send your Resume to NCR – North Luzon – South Luzon – Visayas and Mindanao – Distileria Bago, Inc. (Negros Occidental) – Click the email link to start your application. Please indicate the position you are applying for as the e-mail […]

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Job openings Or check us out on! Careers Filter Job Type Full-time Temporary Job Specialization Corporate Services Human Resources Finance Sales & Marketing Information Technology Supply Chain If you are human, leave this field blank. Apply Filter Search results: Reset search Please be advised that SAN MIGUEL CORPORATION (SMC) AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES do not […]

Mixes Primera – Primera Buttershots

Primera Buttershots Shoot your shot at life with Primera Buttershots! If you’re down to add a little daring and excitement to your night, try this out! This cocktail’s rich, indulgent butterscotch flavor will make you appreciate life’s sweetest moments. As you take your shot in life, surround yourself with the best people. What you need […]

Mixes Primera – Primera Grape Escape

Primera Grape Escape Take a moment to escape from the daily grind and enjoy life with Primera Grape Escape. With its smooth and mellow taste, Primera Light brandy blends seamlessly with grape, making you feel euphoric as you escape life’s stresses. This is the perfect drink to share with your friends and loved ones as […]

Mixes Primera – Primera Sky Prisma

Primera Sky Prisma The prism and sky symbolize a fresh start, harmony, and peace. The colors of the sunset, blending harmoniously in the sky, evoke a sense of tranquility and calmness, while the prism represents how we view the world, bending and refracting the light of life. It’s a refreshing drink that reminds us to […]