Antonov Vodka Mixed Drink your Vodka On-the-Go

Barely three months after its launch, Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks' fan base has already grown 1,631 'convinced' drinkers/ and that's just based on the number of 'likes' on Antonov's Facebook account alone. Responses from our key accounts, on-premise, and modern trade outlets have been on a happy note. Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks are our new line of cocktails in 330ml bottles with 'easy-pull' caps. These are a blend of vodka (normally the base ingredient for many cocktails because it is clear, and has very little taste and aroma), carbonated water and sugar infused with fruit extracts. They're smooth, have 'No Hangover' and 'No Butter Aftertaste', with only 5% alcohol content by volume. Catch the latest promos and events on Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks' when and where it's at! Log on to